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What We Learn

What we Learn in Kindergarten

These standards are based on the COMMON CORE STATE STANDARDS, a nationwide initiative to align state standards.


Reading and Writing

  • Understand features of print: left to right, top to bottom
  • ID the parts of a bookABC in 3D
  • Name and write upper and lower case letters and sounds
  • Rhyming words
  • Break words into syllablesCover of a handwriting practice paper notebook
  • Isolate beginning, middle and ending sounds
  • Substitute/add sounds in words
  • Long and short vowel sounds
  • Read high frequency words
  • Read emergent level text for purpose and understanding
  • Answer questions about and retell stories
  • ID character, setting, major events in a storyID author and illustrator rolesCompare stories
  • Write personal narratives, opinion pieces and informational report
  • Spell simple words phoneticallyCartoon stack of books
  • Write multiple sentences with proper spacing, capitalization, punctuation and meaningful content
  • Recognize appropriate uses for nouns and verbs and use singular and plural correctly
  • Use inflections and affixes correctly (-ed, -ing, un-, pre-, etc...)



  • Count to 100 by ones and tens
  • Count on from a given number
  • 123 in 3DWrite numbers 0-20
  • Represent a number of objects with a written number and count to answer how many
  • Count one number and one object at a time
  • Understand counting means one more
  • ID if a group of objects is greater than, less than, or equal to another group
  • Compare two written numbers
  • Drawing of a diamond, triangle, oval, square, circle, and rectangleAddition and subtraction word problems within 10
  • Take apart numbers to 10 in more than one way
  • Find the number to make 10 when given a number
  • Add and subtract fluently within 5
  • Put together and take apart numbers up to 19 (i.e. 18=8+10)
  • Understand the concept of tens and ones
  • Describe/compare/contrast measurable features of object
  • Put objects into categories and sort them by count
  • Photograph of a toy to learn counting 1-10Name shapes no matter the orientation
  • Use terms of position: below, beside etc...
  • ID 2 and 3 dimensional shapes
  • Describe shapes based on corners, vertices, sides…
  • Create and model shapes in environment