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Southwest Education Advocates

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A Southwest Education Advocate can be anyone with an interest in lending their voice to the students, teachers, and staff of Southwest Allen County Schools (SACS) to promote student achievement and community engagement. Whether you are a parent, employee, community member or graduate, if you are committed to the mission, vision, beliefs, and goals of SACS, we ask you to consider applying to be a Southwest Education Advocate. Anyone living in Aboite or Lafayette Townships who shares a passion for supporting and improving SACS can be considered for the Advocate program, provided he/she agrees to working in the spirit of our district as we strive to fulfill our Portrait of a Graduate. 

Open now through September 11, 2023


The mission of the Southwest Education Advocates program is to engage residents, business professionals, and other interested citizens with the inner workings of Southwest Allen County Schools. The goal is to give Advocates a better understanding of all parts of the school district, with the intention that those who better understand SACS can therefore better support our students, teachers, and staff. 

About US

Southwest Education Advocates comprise a diverse assembly of interested citizens including parents, grandparents, business leaders, teachers, and others – who are dedicated to enhancing student achievement and fostering community involvement with Southwest Allen County Schools. Advocates operate independently from SACS and do not represent the corporation. However, our objective is offer a window into the district's day-to-day operations. By doing so, Advocates can better provide support to our teachers, bolster student success, and contribute to the administrative team’s leadership. Our shared aspiration is a singular one: to ensure our schools are the best they can be for our children.  

Southwest Education Advocates is group of individuals who are passionate about education and wish to make a positive difference contributing to the betterment of our schools and the educational experience of our students by: 

  • Generating Awareness:  Spread the word about the accomplishments, innovative programs, and talented educators within our district.
  • Engage with Policy Makers: Collaborate with local and state officials to ensure education remains a top priority in legislative decisions. 
  • Support Initiatives: Advocate for essential resources and funding our schools need to provide and sustain outstanding education for all students.
  • Community Relations: Foster connections between schools, families and local organizations to create a unified network focused on educational excellence.