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Middle School Fees

Middle Schools:

1 Statement per year

  • 1st notice via email – please verify your address and email address at Registration – this will be sent end of August. 
  • 2nd and 3rd Final notice via email and mail, this will be sent November and February.

To Pay:  

Credit Card:


  • You may pay by check. (Please note a $10 fee will be applied for NSF returned checks.)
  • Send payments to:

SACS Business Office
4824 Homestead Road
Fort Wayne, IN 46814 


  • Cash payments must be paid at the SACS Administration Building. Only exact change can be accepted.

*Payment is due upon receipt.

**If you wish to make partial payments, you must contact Diane at the Business at 431-2030 immediately to discuss a payment plan.

***Any fees not paid by April 28, 2023 will be turned over to collections.